Rebel ADV does not make brands, makes them famous

We transform conventional marketing by building strategies and campaigns able of making strong and recognizable brands

Branding to
revolutionize the system

Rebel Adv is an agency specialized in brands growing through social and celebrity placement.

We create and develop relationships to take your brand to in vogue influencers and trend setter, realizing posts and editorials able to truly influence the market choices and consumer’s too.

It’s not simply a social management, it’s not a common PR service, but it’s a non-conformist system, to give your brand what it deserves according to the famous person highly represented it by.

What we do

Celebrity Placement for whose really want to dare

  1. Celebrity Product Seeding

  2. Celebrity Product Placement

  3. Celebrity Dressing

  4. Brand Strategy

  1. Influencer Marketing

  2. Media Outreach

  3. Pitch Development

  4. Digital Advertising

Are U ready to change your brand rules?

Brand Placement

Rebel brands that have chosen us